Megacon 2014 Banner

Megacon 2014

If you enjoy comic books, anime, video games, or The Walking Dead, then Megacon is definitely the event you would want to attend here in Orlando, FL! Hosted at the Orlando Convention Center, Megacon is a great time for anybody interested in engulfing themselves into this culture. They’ve got it all from cosplayers, to dealers’… Read more »

Hipster Charmander

Hipster Charmander

What’s happening, everybody? Hope life has been good to you lately. A few weeks ago, I posted a sketch to a couple social media sites – this sketch was of a “hipster-ized” Charmander (one of my favorite Pokémon, for sure). To my surprise, I got quite a bit of positive feedback from friends and followers about… Read more »

Twin Peaks

San Francisco – The City by the Bay

Hi – I’m Justin. Before I begin this post, I just want to introduce myself to those who don’t know me: Graphic designer and illustrator by trade Guitar/ukulele player by hobby Homebody Bacon-enthusiast Great to meet you – onto the post . . . — Although I’m not a big traveler, I was blessed enough… Read more »


East End Market

It’s no secret that Orlando is not the biggest or most glamorous city. Mostly known for its theme parks, swamps, and time shares, it is no doubt that Orlando can feel a bit artificial at times. But stay for more than a weekend getaway, leave the tourist attractions along International Drive, and you will start… Read more »


The WanderList

I’ve spent most of my life traveling.  Mostly moving from place to place overseas with the occasional family vacation or weekend excursion. Raised a military kid, I was blessed with the opportunity to experience the culture of Asia and Europe at such a young age. Not many people get that opportunity. However, looking back, I… Read more »


LateRiser Introduction: The JC Edition

Hello! Aloha! Ciao! Olá! Bonjour! Guten tag! Shalom! Ahoy matey! Yo! Wus up girl! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is….JC! (You thought I was gonna say HOV didn’t you?) Just JC. Easy enough to remember and spell right? I’m a contributing author and homie to this fine and well designed blog that is… Read more »


New York State of Mind

It was a Thursday morning, as I sat across a panicked Thor as he raced down the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It just hit me, we were heading back to New York City. The first time I had visited the bustling city of New York was in my college days, where financial aid bestowed a… Read more »